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Shaping the best possible Future of Work

We back ambitious founders with our hands-on approach, 30 years of know-how, and a vast WorkTech network.

Work is no longer a place - it’s a universe.

A new work ethic, freelancing, automation, and AI massively disrupt work as we know it. We invest in data-driven WorkTech startups that shape and accelerate this new universe.

Let’s team up to create the best possible Future of Work.

The Future of Work

We help founders on their mission to improve remote work, engagement, health, and productivity.

The Future of Work is rapidly incoming and the old systems are simply not keeping up. For workers, it’s increasingly hard to stay relevant. Simultaneously, companies are re-organizing their distributed workforce. Solutions will come from data-driven startups that work on the intersections of HR, education, finance, and professional well-being.

“It’s time to level the playing field.”

For employees, whether a regular employee, a freelancer, or a gig worker, it’s increasingly hard to stay relevant. Workers need to find the right opportunities and gain the skills needed to progress their careers. In the long run, health and retirement need more attention and planning than ever before.

Simultaneously, companies are re-balancing their permanent and flexible workforce. They have to guard their identity, values, culture, and productivity with remote teams and collaborators. Effective collaboration will determine the success of a business.

Solutions will come from data-driven startups that work on the intersections of HR, education, finance, and professional well-being. But with big data comes big responsibility. So let’s make sure that work-related data is ethical and bias-free while we’re at it. The future is now.

About us

We’re established but hungry. Diverse but like-minded. Experienced with a fresh eye.

Our team holds over 30 years of investing experience. We have managed a VC fund before and have a strong track record investing in the space at the Randstad Innovation Fund (20 investments including Vonq, Rolepoint, Checkster, Montage & Allyo).
We live and work in major tech hubs where our networks help us to validate big ideas quickly. Our ecosytem include thought leaders / analysts, a huge network of HR executives interested in technical solutions for their workforce, and VCs active in the space.

We’ve seen it all; as VCs, as Founders, and during exits in WorkTech. Our lessons learned might just help new startups.

We would love to hear your story.

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Impact beyond numbers

Our investments directly impact people. Let’s make it a positive one on their working lives.

We believe that technology will play a major role in professional well-being. Our investments nurture innovation, foster personal growth, and create sustainable impact. This translates into five UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

  1. Good Health and Well-beingGood Health and Well-being
  2. Quality EducationQuality Education
  3. Gender EqualityGender Equality
  4. Decent Work and Economic GrowthDecent Work and Economic Growth
  5. Reducing InequalityReducing Inequality


  • Improved wellbeing health
  • Got up- or reskilled
  • Changed diversity of workforce
  • Created employment or projects
  • Created safety nets

Our Team



Founding Partner

Thought leader and serial entrepreneur

“I am so enthusiastic about what technology can do to improve our professional lives. As a serial entrepreneur, I know what it takes to start and grow. And I love to share that with others. Creating the right culture is a driver for success. So tap into my trove! It’s an extensive network, pragmatic advice for any challenge, and an eye for blue-ocean opportunities.”
Ilonka Jankovich is a serial entrepreneur of Dutch and Hungarian origin. Her career started as an M&A lawyer at Clifford Chance, after which she ran a law firm. She then founded the Dutch legal recruitment firm Legal FlexForce, which sold to Monster in 2001. In 2003, Ilonka moved to Hungary with her family, where she started a recruitment business. ProfiPower became the market leader and sold to Randstad in 2010. She is now an HRtech and Fintech angel investor. The Randstad Innovation Fund launched in 2014. She currently manages it together with Paul Jacquin. The fund has made 20 investments in HR tech; Vonq, Crunchr, Pymetrics, Brazen, Montage, Gigwalk, gr8people, and Hackerrank amongst others. There were eight exits to date.


Founding Partner

Analytical and creative operator

“I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and helping start-ups. Just like startups do, I continuously try to become a better version of myself. I perform best at the crossroads of human impact, technological innovation and financial success. It gives me such an adrenaline rush to see interests align and find the best business model. It’s addictive!”
Paul has been investing in WorkTech companies across Europe, Asia, and the US for the past 20 years. As a founding partner of Taptrove, he leans on decades of experience for financial rigor with product-market fit. It’s his formula to build durable alternatives to the traditional world of work. Before Taptrove, Paul co-founded the Randstad Innovation Fund. The fund invested in Pymetrics, HackerRank, crunchR, and Alice amongst others. His early career took off in London (Broadview/Jefferies) followed by eight years in the Netherlands first at NeSBIC/Bencis. He then moved to corporate development and M&A (Randstad). It gave Paul a unique 360-degree view of the WorkTech space.



Quantitative finance and whiz kid

“With my roots in tech and data, I love how new solutions improve our work lives. The search for passionate founders comes naturally to me. Once invested, I enjoy setting goals and helping, both as a team and with our network. In my spare time, I love cooking Italian food and drinking new types of coffee. I have a passion for vintage 60s/70s technology - especially when combined with that era’s design.”
Florian is part of the founding team of Taptrove, and is a principal. Though Dutch, he partly grew up in Italy. He holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Delft, and an MSc in Econometrics from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Cum Laude). Next to running vast projects at Cargill and Deloitte, he co-founded travel tech company Hellotrip in 2013. In 2015 he joined the Randstad Innovation Fund, where he still manages the current portfolio as Investment Manager.